Blue Springs South Softball INVSH 3000

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$27.95 - $28.95


Show your Jaguar Softball Pride!

Personalize our products with your name and jersey number!

The numbers printed on your shirt will look like the #32 in the top left corner of the image.  When you type in your name and number, they will appear as just one color, but know they will be blue with a green outline.  

InVWicking for the Relaxed Fit Gear:  Fabric is 84% polyester and 16% spandex which is a Hi-Performance four-way stretch moisture management innovative fabric which gives athletes the edge for ultimate athletic performance.  The fabric absorbs moisture from the skin and releases it into the air faster than cotton.  It is engineered for athletes who want to capitalize on proven performance of compression gear with the option of personalizing each product with the athletes’ names and numbers.

All products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Care instructions:  Wash with regular detergent in cold water.  Fabric will dry in just minutes in the dryer.

Fit description: These shorts are a relaxed fit and nine inches in length.

Choose between a graphic unique to your school or personalize your gear with your own jersey number or name.